Since 1874 the proven anchor shoe trees made of wood are an epitome of proven quality.

Thus, the well-known Georg Hartmann models are continued today by KST. Models which are presented with the use of a lot of manual work and precision, and also the increasing technicality stand up. And it should stay that way. The location Germany plays here an important role. A shift in production is unimaginable for reasons of flexibility and quality. Also plays here a pure and high-quality natural material the main role.

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Shoe trees made of wood

Wood is a renewable resource. The woods we process, such as the native beech or the wood of the Aromatic Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana) come from naturally reforested commercial forests. The handling of this material requires high sensitivity and lead time. Above all, it is important to be sparing with him. Within the company, therefore, the ecological cycle is perfect. The resulting chips are pressed into pellets and serve as fuel for energy. The production of high-quality and durable products from the natural material wood is our special niche.


The heart of the company is the model department in which the proven anchor models are maintained and revised. With this creative kitchen, we are able to react quickly to fashion trends. Not least because of this, the company is still so successful after so many years.

Shoe trees made of other materials

The Anker model range is supplemented by Saphir shoe and boot trees made of plastic and foam, which are also produced in Germany in compliance with all EU regulations for everyday objects. Saphir shoe and boot trees follow the fashion trend in shape and color.